H&M Loves Music

Hi there! We've designed H&M Loves Music to be best experienced on your tablet or mobile device. Please scan the QR code below or go to hmlovesmusic.asia on your mobile to discover our latest collections, listen to exclusive tracks from local and international artists and create your own mixes with our unique music mixer to win Skullcandy headphones! See you there!

你好!请注意我们的H&M Loves Music音乐小站只适用于平板电脑和手机,请扫描以下二维码或者输入hmlovesmusic.asia来发现我们的最新Divided系列。除了可以欣赏国内外时髦音乐人带来的独家音乐,您还可以使用H&M酷乐混音机制作你的专属音乐,并有机会赢取Skullcandy耳机哦!感谢关注。